A classic Hakkasan Group venue, Searsucker features unique ambiance and cuisine.

Have you ever wondered how the name “Searsucker” came to be? Now in our featured restaurant in downtown San Diego, this Tao Group culinary experience is distinct in style, cuisine, and in our name. To understand how our name came to be, we first need to understand what makes Searsucker so unique.

Searsucker is known for our steaks, pastas and creative burgers. Our New American cuisine features not only classic items from the grill, but new and inventive vegetarian options as well. To get a full understanding of our menus, we welcome you to check them out on our menu pages. We have created an interior inside each of our Searsucker locations that feels like a classic yet upscale country home.

So, now that you know a little more about our restaurant, we can explain the meaning behind the name.

Searsucker is a part of our social dining restaurant collection. Through the cozy atmosphere filled with home-cooked meals at Searsucker, we aim to “weave” the perfect social setting into every “fabric” of who we are. Thus, the concepts for Searsucker was born. It is part of the “fabric of social dining”; the makeup of a perfect venue space that invites you to come hungry, stay late and enjoy special moments with those you love most. This same tradition is carried on in Hakkasan Group’s other social dining experience, Herringbone.

Our location in San Diego has something to offer you for your next social experience. To learn more about each of our locations, visit our homepages for Searsucker.