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Our Company

Tao Group Hospitality is a global leader that develops, owns and operates the world’s most successful food, beverage and nightlife entertainment venues. After merging with the prestigious Hakkasan Group in 2021, Tao Group Hospitality cemented its position as the world’s largest entertainment brand with over 65 venues spanning five continents. Our distinctive portfolio features best-in-class cuisine, including Michelin-starred restaurants, award-winning nightlife and world-renowned daylife.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we consistently set the bar for guest experiences by delivering unforgettable entertainment with innovation and creativity at the core. We strive to exceed expectations and continually reinvent the future of hospitality through our owned operations as well as partnership opportunities. Tao Group Hospitality’s corporate headquarters is located in New York City, with full-time marketing and operations staff in every market.

Our Path

We are a dynamic global hospitality company, inspiring remarkable experiences for our guests, instilling pride within our team, and always caring for our communities.

Our Commitment

Tao Group Hospitality is committed to maintaining best-in-class services and continual innovation. We take a different approach grounded in creativity and crafting experiences that exceed expectations, and as the worldwide leader, we tirelessly work to inspire and create something new. Continual investment in our portfolio, inventing new concepts, and creating partnerships is at the core of our success. Bold and progressive, we deliver industry-defining experiences for a connected world. That is the Tao Group Hospitality difference.

Yauatcha Riyadh Terrace

Tao Group Hospitality surprises guests, the market, and the sector by being bold and taking a different approach. We make entertainment a key part of hospitality and use it as a point of difference. We harness creativity and innovation to deliver industry-defining experiences for a connected world.

Tao Group Hospitality’s brands are the best at what they do. But far from being complacent; restlessness to keep improving is our goal. Continual investment in our portfolio, inventing new concepts, and creating partnerships are at the core of Tao Group Hospitality’s DNA.

Work With Us

Business Development

Tao Group Hospitality is known worldwide for crafting unforgettable experiences in an industry dominated by predictable brands and stale execution. Our best in class luxury nightlife, daylife and dining is forward thinking and evergreen. We offer a number of services to help elevate your brand.

Tao Group Hospitality Cares

Discover our philanthropic initiatives and impact

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