Tired of the stresses of modern day life?

Spending your whole life in front of a screen, both at work and at home?

At Searsucker, we’ve sworn off the smartphones, smart glasses, and smart-everything else for a while, and we’re kicking it old school.

Join us here for an Old Fashioned good time, with 4 new (old) cocktails on our Happy Hour Menu.

Coming in hot is the Hot n’ Bothered Old Fashioned, with Slaughter House American whiskey, Oaxacan Old Fashioned syrup, and Hellfire bitters. Smooth and spicy, this kickin’ cocktail is garnished with a jalapeno and a marasca cherry.

Smokin’ it up next is our Smoked Old Fashioned, with W.L Weller 12 year bourbon, barrel smoked maple syrup, cedar smoke, and aromatic and orange bitters. Don’t worry, this one won’t leave any fumes behind, all the smokiness is in the flavor.

Next, as a splendid mix of childhood and adulthood, is our PB&J Old Fashioned. With muddled strawberry, peanut-infused Elijah Craig Small Batch bourbon, Fassionola syrup, and strawberry/orange bitters, this one is a sweet and savory ride. And as the proverbial cherry on top, this one is garnished with an Uncrustable wedge!

We didn’t forget our roots, so of course, there’s a Classic Old Fashioned on the list. With Russel’s Reserve 10yr bourbon, brown sugar, orange oil, cinnamon, cherry, and aromatic and orange bitters, this one is classically garnished with a marasca cherry and an orange peel.