Looking to plan a trip to Vegas? You’ve surely heard about the bustling nightlife, but did you know that a Vegas Wednesday often rivals a famed Saturday? 

If you’re hoping to scope out the Vegas party scene, there is a plethora of options during the week. Read on for our hottest recommendations when it comes to clubs in Vegas open on Wednesday.

Vegas’s Hottest Clubs Midweek

The Vegas party scene is unshakeable—day or night, rain or shine, there’s always a place to let loose. Locals and tourists alike frequent the Las Vegas Strip’s famed clubs on weekdays, whether it’s for a quick cocktail hour or to dance until sunrise.

When planning your trip to Vegas, the days of the week mean far less than they might anywhere else. In fact, partying midweek means you can take advantage of certain perks, like smaller crowds. At Las Vegas nightclubs, Wednesday is the new Friday.

Wednesday Night Hotspots

Crowning the best club in Vegas on Wednesday is tough, as many of the city’s star venues stay open midweek. But when it comes to parties that top the weekend in terms of ambiance, DJ talent, and VIP packages, there are certainly a few gold medalists.

Marquee Nightclub

Located at the decadent Cosmopolitan resort, Marquee spans 40,000 square feet, including seven bars spread across three rooms: the Main Room, the Boom Box, and the Library. Each room offers unique musical stylings from DJs like DJ Pauly D and Lil Jon.

Wednesday night at the Marquee welcomes the weekly event LowKey in the Library, an intimate party in an immersive room inspired by Tulum’s ruins, fueled by deep house and techno beats.

Enhancing Your Wednesday Night Experience

Thanks to the special perks and packages offered by many clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, there are ways to maximize your Wednesday night experience and bring countless memories home when the trip comes to an end.

Skip the guest list and ensure free entry for your group by booking bottle service, and other perks like mixers, a cocktail waitress, a security guard, and more.

Are Clubs Busy in Vegas During the Week?

Vegas clubs during the week tend to maintain a healthy crowd and aren’t quite as busy as they would be on a Friday or Saturday. Depending on the DJ lineup at any Las Vegas club on a given night, wait times might be nonexistent or could span up to 90 minutes, and lines typically form about 30 to 60 minutes before the club opens. 

If you’ve ordered bottle service, you should be guaranteed admission at any time, but it’s a good idea to reserve a specific time slot (or arrive promptly when the club opens) to avoid a wait.

FAQs: Midweek Nightlife in Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas nightlife midweek, there are certain things you should read up on before you touch down (and we’ve got you covered!).

What’s the dress code for midweek nightlife in Vegas?

For clubs like TAO and the Marquee, upscale nightlife attire is strongly encouraged. Feel free to elevate your typical daytime look or go all-out in something you saved just for Vegas, but avoid swimwear, loungewear, athleisure, and sports attire.

What time does the party start at Vegas nightclubs?

Las Vegas Nightclubs generally open around 10:30 p.m. and stay open until 4 a.m. Before the clock strikes 10:30, you can usually enjoy nearby day clubs and hotel bars before joining the line.

Do Vegas nightclubs offer coat check?

Yes—in fact, many nightclubs (like the Marquee) require coat check for guests without a reserved table. Be sure to research your venue of choice before you pack your purse or bag for the night!

Enjoy Your Wednesdays at Marquee Nightclub

Why let your Wednesday in Vegas fall flat when it’s the peak of the week? Special events, shorter lines, and eclectic crowds are all the more reason to explore Las Vegas nightlife the next Wednesday you’re there.

Every night you’re on the Strip, there’s sure to be a buzz around one of Tao Group Hospitality’s renowned clubs. Whether it’s Wednesday, Tuesday, or Thursday, the midweek party never ends at our venues, from JEWEL’s #FlawlessMondays to Marquee’s LowKey at the Library. 

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