If you’re boarding a flight to Vegas soon, you might be anticipating an unforgettable weekend on the Las Vegas Strip. But in Vegas, the party starts well before Friday and certainly doesn’t stop on Sunday. Amidst your spa, golf, pool party, and casino plans, it can be easy to overlook Las Vegas nightlife on a weeknight—but insiders know it’s a blast to get a jump start on the party a day or more before the weekend crowds roll in.

If you’re searching for clubs open on Thursday in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our top picks for the best Las Vegas nightclubs Thursday has to offer.

Where Can I Party in Vegas on Thursday?

Thursday is the bridge between the week and the weekend, an ideal time to hit the town and get your never-ending Vegas party started. The best clubs in Vegas on Thursday night are Tao Group Hospitality’s crown jewels, which line the Las Vegas Strip with endless possibilities.

Take a look at the top clubs open on Thursday in Las Vegas: 

OMNIA Nightclub

Located inside the legendary Caesar’s Palace, OMNIA Nightclub glows from blocks away. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems make the place shine, including the famous kinetic chandelier (which boasts 32,000 individual lights). Multiple rooms and levels mean there’s always something new and sparkly to see.

Hakkasan Nightclub

Situated inside the famed MGM Resort and Casino, Hakkasan Nightclub is known for its residencies from renowned DJs. Alumni include DJ Pauly D, Tyga, Steve Aoki, and Loud Luxury. Hakkasan’s multiple floors and spaces include intimate dining areas, a private lounge perfect for a nightcap, a Pavilion, and an electric 10,000-square-foot club.

TAO Nightclub

With three bars, a terrace, a dance floor, and private sky boxes, TAO Nightclub’s vibrant atmosphere is often the site of celebrity sightings (including the likes of Madonna, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian). At TAO, themed parties are commonly on the calendar, including weekly Worship Thursdays, which boast appearances from the city’s top DJs.

Are Any Nightclubs Open During the Week in Vegas?

In Vegas, the party rages on all week; Thursdays are especially popular for their unique blend of weekday and weekend crowds. Its consistently robust nightlife scene is what makes Vegas one of a kind and keeps the club community coming back. Plus, it doesn’t stop with Thursdays—check out #FlawlessMondays at JEWEL, Tuesday night parties at OMNIA, Lowkey In the Library on Wednesdays at Marquee on Wednesdays, Hakkasan’s Saturday DJ lineup, and TAO Nightclub seven days a week.

Advantages of Thursday Night Parties

Thursdays in Vegas are like the weekend, but better! The crowds have started to emerge, but lines are still short. The weekend party has begun, but the cover charges are lower. The demographic is an ideal mix of weekday locals and party-ready weekend tourists, with appearances from celebrities and top DJs sprinkled in.

Making the Most of Your Thursday Night

All of Tao Group Hospitality’s venues offer unique perks that will help your experience feel even more special. Skip the nightclub guest list by choosing a VIP package that can give your group’s night a boost, with bonuses like bottle service, hosted entry, a reserved table, and a designated cocktail waitress.

Planning Your Night Out

The key to making your Thursday night in Vegas count is planning. Are you hoping to hit the dance floor at a DJ show, enjoy an intimate lounge vibe, or enjoy the weather as you mingle on an outdoor terrace?

Consider the offerings of the Las Vegas Nightclub you choose, and book your table accordingly. Reservations are never a bad idea to secure your group’s spot; be sure to check each club’s calendar for upcoming events to ensure you won’t miss your favorite DJs.

Extend Your Weekend in Vegas with Tao Group Hospitality

Have you ever wished the fun of the weekend started just a day earlier? In Vegas, it does—and it doesn’t stop there. Thursday nights are Las Vegas’s hidden gem, a time when locals and tourists converge for an energy-packed weekend launch party.

For the best nightclub on Thursday night, Las Vegas locals will probably point you to one of Tao Group Hospitality’s famed clubs. With so many to choose from, your Thursdays will be taken care of from here on out.

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