Year of the Dragon

2024 welcomes the Year of the Dragon and is celebrated across fifteen days of festivities from Saturday 10th February. As the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is highly respected, and is a symbol of kindness, good fortune, ambition and honour. 2024 will be a year of transformation, growth, abundance and prosperity; everything will thrive.

During the Jade Emperor’s great race across the river, the Dragon was expected to come first, thanks to its excellent swimming skills. Along the way, the Dragon stopped to help some villagers, and to blow a gentle puff of air at the Rabbit, who was perched atop a floating log, to help it over the finish line. This was how he earned his admirable place as the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Year of the Dragon celebrations at Yauatcha

This Chinese New Year, we are offering an exclusive Year of the Dragon menu, petit gâteau, cocktail and macaron designed to embody the personality of the powerful zodiac animal. The menu is a showcase of dishes featuring auspicious ingredients, including fish and kumquats, that are believed to bring good fortune, strength and health in 2024.