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A gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in the average pay of men and women, regardless of the nature of their work, across an entire organisation, business sector, industry or the economy as a whole. It is different from equal pay comparison, which would involve direct comparison of two people or groups of people carrying out the same, similar or equivalent work.

Mean gender pay gap: 4.4%
Median gender pay gap: -2.5%

Mean bonus gender pay gap: 60.4%
Median bonus gender pay gap: -35.4%

Percentage of employees who received a bonus – male 1.1% / female 4.0%

Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile:

Lower – male 63% / female 37%
Lower Middle – male 68% / female 32%
Upper Middle – male 51% / female 49%
Upper – male 73% / female 27%

The above information is accurate and based on data as of 5th April, 2020.