Tao Group Hospitality is bringing back Table Share, elevating your night out with new friends and new memories.

Table Share is a shared bottle service experience available at TAO Nightclub and Marquee Nightclub; a program that has stemmed from the growth of the sharing economy – where guests can share their table, bottles, and party experience in Las Vegas. 

No need to worry about securing a big enough group to meet the bottle minimum, Table Share is created to help guests experience the VIP bottle service experience by grouping you up with a table full of new friends to split the cost of the night’s party.

When purchasing Table Share, buy an individual ticket that includes admission to the nightclub, as well as access to a shared area in the venue with open seating with other shared table experience guests. The shared table comes with a bottle presentation – tequila, vodka, and champagne will be available and replenished depending on the size of the party, waiting staff and security will be assisting your table for the night, and the chance to get to know unknown faces to create a bond for the night or maybe for life. 

            The Table Share option is available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at TAO Nightclub and Marquee Nightclub on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Share Table tickets start out at $50 for women, and $100 for men, plus tax and gratuity, the prices are subject to change based on weekends and special events. Tickets can be purchased through your desired host or can be found under the purchase tables tab on the website.