Mid-Autumn Festival is undoubtedly one of the most notable public holidays in the Chinese calendar, as well as one of the oldest. Marking the pinnacle of harvest season, when the moon is at its fullest, families and friends come together to give thanks and pay homage to the moon in all its glory, wishing for luck and praying for fortune.

Taking place on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, this year the festivities fall on September 29th, and will be celebrated across the world with mooncakes, lanterns and moon gazing. The annual merrymaking is a treasure trove of tradition, bringing people together to revel in the lunar splendour.

The origins of mooncakes themselves are steeped in history and folklore, deriving in ancient China before gradually spreading delicious roots across the globe. While their origin story varies across cultures, there are several legends and tales that are often associated with their creation, whether that be the Ming Dynasty Uprising or the Ancient Harvest Festival. Along with their origin story, their fillings vary from place to place. From traditional lotus seed paste-filled bakes to more modern flavours of chocolate and coffee, mooncakes have not only retained their cultural significance, but have also become symbols of celebration. 

For 2023’s festivities, Yauatcha will be celebrating with two different mooncake flavours: baked egg custard and snowskin coconut. They will be available at both Soho and City locations, as well as for nationwide delivery from Monday 4th September to Thursday 5th October.

Our mooncakes are beautifully packaged in either our classic or luxury box. The classic box is blue in colour and consists of three stackable tiers, each filled with three mooncakes and secured with a lid and silver sleeve. The Luxury box, also blue, contains three tiers of mooncakes, as well as a fourth tier containing LED candles, that fold out from its cylindrical box, and boasts a stunning gold casing featuring laser-cut Yauatcha motifs. Once removed from the box, it makes a candle holder casting shimmering light and is the ultimate Mid-Autumn Festival keepsake.

As well as the mooncakes, Yauatcha Soho’s windows and Yauatcha City’s entrance will be adorned with festive lanterns, beckoning guests to come in and experience the festivities. Each child who visits the restaurants on September 29th will be gifted their very own Mid-Autumn Festival lantern, lighting the way to prosperity and good fortune.

Head to one of our restaurants or order a box online to truly immerse yourself in the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.