A classic Hakkasan Group restaurant, Herringbone’s name is as special as the restaurant itself.

Herringbone is a farm-to-table, ocean-to-table getaway, featuring fresh seafood, meats and farm-grown vegetables. We source locally as much as possible at all our Herringbone locations. This same fresh and natural principle is carried into the restaurant’s interiors. Real olive trees can be found inside the original flagship location in downtown La Jolla, California, its towering branches decorated with lights that create a truly beautiful setting at night. Mimosas on the weekends and Oyster Hour specials create a setting that invites our guests to celebrate in our unique Herringbone aesthetic.

Herringbone has three different locations: Santa Monica, La Jolla, and Waikiki. Each location carries on the trend of fresh, local ingredients and a design that celebrates the beauty of each of their unique locations. For example, in Waikiki, Herringbone’s prime seating can be found on the Lanai, our patio area that allows our guests to enjoy a covered view of Hawaii’s International Market Place. In Santa Monica and La Jolla, the small coastal restaurants are anchored right near the ocean.

So, now that you know a little more about our restaurant, we can explain the meaning behind the name.

Herringbone, as well as Hakkasan Group’s other social dining restaurant Searsucker, is a part of our social dining restaurant collection. Through the unique, farm-to-table atmosphere that merges the beauty of the outdoors into our restaurants and the cozy atmosphere filled with home-cooked meals at Searsucker, we aim to “weave” the perfect social setting into every “fabric” of who we are. Thus, the concepts for Searsucker and Herringbone were born. They are the “fabric of social dining”; the makeup of a perfect venue space that invites you to come hungry, stay late, and enjoy special moments with those you love most.

Whether, for lunch, dinner, or a weekend brunch, our locations in La Jolla, Santa Monica, and Waikiki have something to offer you for your next social experience. To learn more about each of our locations, visit our homepage for Herringbone.