There is an art to eating oysters. The region, the ocean, the particular beach, and the way in which they are harvested all tremendously impact their distinct taste. No two types of oysters are alike. Further, no two suppliers are alike. To help you prepare to enjoy one of our most popular dishes at Herringbone, we have created a guide to Herringbone’s oyster experience. Here is everything you need to know about the oysters that you will find at Herringbone. Next time you attend our daily Oyster Hour, you’ll be ready to dive into the art of oyster eating like a pro.

What makes a good oyster experience?

More than anything, fresh oysters harvested at the right time will make a great oyster. At Herringbone, that is why we work to ensure our different types of oysters are as fresh as possible. Our work with our suppliers is carefully considered so that you can be assured what is on your plate is top quality. The oyster experience at Herringbone stands out from other La Jolla Restaurants. Herringbone’s fresh oysters offer variety and quality. Our daily Oyster Happy Hour has created a unique dining experience for our guests in La Jolla. We are able to celebrate oysters every day for $1 per oyster.*