Step into a world of delectable delights and compassionate dining this April as Tao Group Hospitality venues in Las Vegas proudly celebrate Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. From the culinary mastery of Hakkasan, to the chic ambiance of Beauty and Essex, and the exquisite flavors of TAO Asian Bistro, each venue invites you to indulge in specially curated food and beverage specials designed to tantalize your taste buds while supporting a noble cause. Throughout the month, 10% of the proceeds from these irresistible offerings will be donated to charities and organizations empowering those living with autism, including Autism Speaks, Child Autism UK, Eden ll Programs, Grant a Gift Autism, and Kulture City. Join us in raising awareness and making a difference as we celebrate the uniqueness and neurodiversity of individuals. Let’s dine with purpose and savor every moment together! 

Dine with Purpose at Hakkasan 

Elevate your dining experience with Hakkasan’s exclusive food specials crafted to support a worthy cause. Delight in the exquisite Vegan Dim Sum Basket, featuring a symphony of wild mushroom and truffle flavors, alongside edamame jade, crystal vegetable, and pea shoot delicacies. For a mouthwatering main course, savor the Stir Fry Tiger Prawn with Green Curry, accentuated by lily bulb, jicama, green onion, almond slice, and curry leaf infusion. Join us in raising awareness and celebrating diversity with every delectable bite by booking your dinner reservation HERE. 

Vegan Dim Sum

Dine with Purpose at Beauty and Essex 

Dive into a culinary experience infused with compassion and flavor at Beauty and Essex Las Vegas, as we proudly present our exclusive Autism Awareness and Acceptance food specials. Treat your taste buds to the unique blend of flavors with our Blue Crab Cake ‘Corn Dogs’, served alongside a delectable, sweet corn mustard dip. Delight in the richness of our Blue Cheese Walnut Crusted 10 oz. Classic Thick Cut Filet, accompanied by wild mushrooms, roasted garlic bacon sauce, and crispy potato. Lastly, cap off your meal with the infamous, shareable dessert finale, Beauty’s Blue Wonder Wheel; featuring the chef’s carefully crafted selection of mini desserts, promising a symphony of sweet delights.  

Book your dinner reservation at Beauty and Essex Las Vegas HERE. 

Dine with Purpose at TAO Asian Bistro 

Experience a symphony of flavors at TAO Asian Bistro in Las Vegas this Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. Savor the exquisite dynamite lobster on crispy rice, the tender 14 oz. prime rib eye paired with flavorful crispy Thai spice potatoes and Asian chimichurri sauce. Round off your meal with a delightful dessert – our Blue Sweet Dim Sum Basket. Join us in spreading love, understanding, and acceptance one delectable dish at a time. Let’s dine with purpose and make a difference together throughout April. 

Book your dinner reservation at TAO Asian Bistro in Las Vegas HERE

Dine with Purpose at LAVO Italian Restaurant 

Satisfy your sweet cravings while supporting a meaningful initiative at LAVO Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas this Autism Awareness Month. Indulge in our exclusive dessert special, the Blue Cheesecake, a delightful twist on a classic favorite. Immerse yourself in the velvety texture and rich flavors of our signature cheesecake. With every decadent bite, you’ll not only treat your taste buds but also contribute to raising awareness and acceptance for autism. Join us in spreading love and understanding, one delicious dessert at a time. 

Book your dinner reservation at LAVO Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas HERE.