This year we are celebrating 20 years of Yauatcha Soho.

The original Yauatcha venue; a social space where tradition meets modern sophistication.

Over the last two decades the incredible team at Yauatcha have created an environment where connections bloom and experiences are cherished. 

On this special anniversary we are celebrating the people who have brought Yauatcha to life and the four key pillars of the restaurant: dim sum, patisserie, mixology and tea.

Dim Sum
In Chinese, dim sum means ‘touch the heart’ and was first created as a snack, to be enjoyed any time of the day or night. Traders who travelled The Silk Road, transporting goods such as spices, tea, silk and precious metals, would stop for a break and have dim sum in tea houses.

Dim sum is the core of Yauatcha with the aim to delight guests with delicate, sweet and savoury tastes based on well-thought-out sharing recipes for every appetite.

As the only restaurant to combine European patisserie and Chinese dim sum, Yauatcha creates delicate petits gateaux and an extensive collection of macarons. The Patisserie team spend hours developing and experimenting with flavours, ensuring each emulates the intricate spices of Chinese cuisine.

Yauatcha has an intriguing drinks menu that is inspired by heritage, tradition and cha (tea). Each cocktail is designed to enrich a sense of well-being and garnished with meaning and harmony. Our expert bar team use exotic flavours and innovative techniques blending traditional and contemporary influences seamlessly.

Tea or ‘Cha’
In the Chinese culture, tea is considered of the seven necessities of life, offering many health benefits and playing a prominent role in China’s relations with foreign cultures near and far. To complement the cuisine, Yauatcha offers over 24 types of tea, from around the globe including Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, India, Japan, Paraguay and China. Combining Chinese tea and dim sum is known as Yum cha; which is a traditional Cantonese brunch.