The 11th November is Singles’ Day, also known as Double 11 or 11.11, symbolised by four “1s.”, an alternative to Valentine’s Day where you can celebrate only if you are not in a relationship. Introducing Singles’ Day at LAVO. Whether you’re happily single or in a relationship, Singles’ Day represents the perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to some well-deserved self-love.

It originated in China as an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration where a group of single students at university began to commemorate the day to celebrate their single status. It was initially a lighthearted event where they would organise social activities and gatherings. Now every year on 11 November, millions of people in China and across the globe celebrate the joyful Singles Day.

This Singles’ Day, embrace the joy of your own company at LAVO. Dine alone and revel in the delight of savouring a meal of your choice.

Indulge in our exquisite culinary creations and enjoy a complimentary LAVO-LINI* cocktail. Not just this Singles’ day, but every day, for all our solo diners.

*LAVO-LINI can also be made without alcohol. Same flavours, zero proof.