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Creating and nurturing successful partnerships

Tao Group Hospitality has an extensive track record of developing award-winning venues from Michelin stars to Trip Advisor and Travel & Leisure’s “best of” awards. When you work with us, you gain access to the Tao Group Hospitality difference, our core values and our drive of crafting exceptional experiences through the following services:

Managed Operations
As an experienced global operator, Tao Group Hospitality offers tenured management teams for your venue. With a wealth of operations knowledge, from project infancy and development, through pre-opening and ongoing daily oversight, we ensure an elevated experience for guests throughout all aspects of our partnerships. We drive efficiency through revenue generation and cost savings strategies in collaboration with ownership. We pride ourselves in helping our partner operations thrive.

Franchised & Licensed Operations
Our franchise teams work with leading management companies and owners to provide training, tools, and resources to help ensure each franchised project succeeds in creating value for its owners. Along with access to our leading lifestyle brands, our franchise partners can leverage our powerful marketing reach to consistently drive profits and efficiencies through best in class operational support.

White Label Development & Operations
Our design and marketing teams have created single-use white label brands from a conceptual design stage to full-service management of venues including full food and beverage resort planning. From brand development, market research, and project launch we have the expertise to fulfill your next project.

Design Development
Our in-house design team is dedicated to helping owners build or renovate new and existing properties by providing input and advice regarding the selection of project architects and interior designers. We also lead the brand disciplines in reviewing and commenting on conceptual design, schematic, and construction plans. We monitor the progress of ongoing developments to ensure it aligns with the agreed-upon scope and brief for our owners and franchisees.

Pre-Opening Support Services
Our team provides guidance and assistance through the entire pre-opening process. The openings task force has developed a detailed pre-opening procedure comprised of key milestones, built out in an itemized critical path, to prepare the project’s opening day and ensure future success. Our dynamic team utilizes its expertise, in conjunction with the latest industry tools and technology, to ensure a smooth project launch.

Consultancy Services
We provide operational support from our dedicated team of experienced hospitality leaders. Whether creating a new brand, developing a concept, undertaking market research and feasibility studies for a fresh project, or evolving an established operation to maximize profitability, Tao Group Hospitality’s team of industry experts are ready to bring any project to its full potential.

Procurement Services
Procurement services allow a responsive, integrated supply chain that communicates with suppliers to unlock savings opportunities and foster collaboration with suppliers to control procurement spend, leverage group discounts, and increase buying power. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard when it comes to vendors and suppliers with thought to minimizing global impact and garnering savings.

Global Marketing Reach & Network
Our in-house marketing department develops and supports the pre-open, launch, and sustaining marketing plans for all Tao Group Hospitality venues around the world. The multi-person team with expertise in all facets of marketing – social media, digital, public relations both traditional and grassroots – will deliver an in-depth local understanding of your needs, conduct a proper market and competitive analysis, and interview/hire local marketing team members and local support agencies. From this, we develop an all-encompassing marketing plan that considers the locality and uniqueness of the market along with a balance of what is needed for an overall successful, global marketing plan. Tao Group Hospitality provides our partners with multi-tiered marketing strategies that take a new venue from its preopening phase into a series of grand opening events and through its first year of operations.

Sponsorship Procurement
Our internal sponsorship team provides a myriad of potential partnerships to support our brands in their on-going marketing activations. Partnership and sponsorship activations can include brands from spirits and liquor, retail, luxury, and automotive. From larger grand opening events and venue anniversary parties to on-going happy hours and brunches, the sponsorship team will marry the right brands together for co-branded partnerships that garner both press and additional marketing dollars.

Partnerships, Events and Activations
Together we are more. We have worldwide locations capable of hosting in-venue brand activations or innovative experiential opportunities in our various award-winning venues. From grand openings around the world to weekly themed activations, we have something for every brand. The prominent features that put us at the forefront of event design and branded experiences are:

  • Flexible event design that includes unique spaces with varying decor including indoor and outdoor options
  • State-of-the-art sound and production capabilities
  • Unique in-venue branding opportunities and activations
  • Co-branded marketing
  • Prominent back bar display
  • Access to A-List talent and celebrities to make any event a major success
  • Specialized and personalized service by a team experienced in creating memorable events
  • In-house audio/visual department

Vendor & Supplier Statement
Located in five continents across 22 cities, our 60-plus venues set the standard for dining, nightlife and daylife globally. We pride ourselves on working with excellent suppliers that follow sustainable and ethical practices to minimize our carbon footprint. We also prioritize partnering with local resources in an effort to further shrink our social, environmental, and ethical impacts.

When reviewing suppliers, we look for a number of attributes:

  • Solid financial standing
  • Proven track record
  • Successful references
  • Competitive quality and pricing
  • Timely price quotes
  • Consistent, on-time deliveries