The essence of Yauatcha is Cantonese cuisine, and as per Cantonese traditions, a great meal is one made with balanced flavors and ingredients at the peak of their freshness and quality.

This is what we aim to delight our guests with, tender, sweet and savory tastes based on well-thought-out sharing recipes for every appetite.

Winning the Best Asian Restaurant award from TimeOut Riyadh is a great honor we regard highly and an ode to our team with years of experience in the industry, creating tasteful moments all over the globe, one dish at a time. ‘’There’s dim sum, and then there’s dim sum from a world-renowned team with fingers in every major global culinary scene.

Yauatcha is from the group that created Hakkasan, and the experience shows’’ (Best restaurants in Riyadh: Time Out Riyadh Restaurant Awards 2022 winners, TimeOut Riyadh). Ever since Hakkasan in 2001, we have grown in passion, a drive that has led us here, Yauatcha, nestled in the heart of Riyadh and all over the globe.

Our aim is to serve a unique dining experience through a modern incarnation of the traditional Chinese teahouse, a space to connect and find your vibe. And we can proudly say that we have achieved our goal, with this award as a materialization of our ambitions, thanks to our guests’ continuous support and our masterfully skilled team that continues to awe people.