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TAO Downtown’s restaurant lounge, located at the top of the Grand Staircase, is another perfect location to enjoy the full food and beverage menu under the watchful eye of the reclining Buddha.


As you take your first steps into the dining room, a grandiose 40-foot staircase becomes the focal point of the impressive space, serving as the first “wow moment” and providing aerial views of the scene below. Specially-crafted banquettes are tucked within the Grand Staircase, offering prime seating amongst a diverse array of intriguing statues and sculptures sourced abroad.


The Quan Yin, replete with 24 hands, sits atop a koi pond, acting as the anchor of the main dining room. A floor-to-ceiling patterned screen frames the Quan Yin and accentuates the statue’s hands, which represent her ability to render assistance. Through 3D projection mapping technology that utilizes animation to create visuals such as flowing waterfalls and growing moss, the Quan Yin is brought to life right before your eyes.


Turning the traditional-style sushi bar experience on its head, the sushi bar has been reinvented at TAO Downtown to encourage group dining and easy sharing for parties larger than two via an amoeba-like shape.


The restaurant lounge area named the Ink Bar, is located on the Eastern mezzanine and offers seating for guests to enjoy TAO Downtown’s full food & beverage menus.


TAO Downtown offers two signature Sky Box dining options located on the upper level and overlooking the main dining room. With seating for up to 20 guests, you can survey the bustling scene below from your own private perch.


Playing off the aged, vintage aesthetic, UK street artist HUSH, renowned for his artful Eastern images of feminine beauty and sensuality, has hand-painted original mixed media murals throughout the cavernous space.