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Envisioned and created by Tao Group Hospitality, Hakkasan Las Vegas is an immersive 80,000-square-foot, five-level space that offers a variety of environments, including the restaurant, private dining room, The Studio, Hakkasan Lounge, Main Nightclub, Pavilion, and Mezzanine. This exceptional nightclub and restaurant concept also showcases a unique convergence of world-class mixology and exclusive musical talent across numerous genres.

Offering four distinct nightlife experiences, combined with two stories of dining decadence, Hakkasan is more than a nightclub experience, it also can accommodate any type of private event as the ideal event venue in Las Vegas. The various levels and atmospheres provide the unique flexibility to connect or utilize each space separately, based on each group’s specific needs. Hakkasan Las Vegas can accommodate groups from 75 to 3,900 guests.


Located on the first-level is the main dining area, separated by latticed woodwork known as the “Cage” allowing for intimate dining spaces within the main room while still sharing the atmosphere of the entire dining area. The main bar is lit up with Hakkasan’s signature blue accompanied by 17 seating areas perfect for mingling, ordering a cocktail or casually dining with others.

As guests make their way to the second level, they are welcomed into the Private Dining Room (PDR). Overlooking the main dining room, this elaborate space is accompanied by a private lounge, fitted with plush couches and comfortable accent chairs. The PDR serves as a private oasis designed for guests to relax after their meal or provide a more intimate setting for socializing. When sectioned off, each room within the PDR can either seat up to 18 or 10 guests or once combined a maximum of 28 guests.


Located on the third level, The Hakkasan Lounge is a captivating private environment curated to esteemed guests seeking a more intimate nightlife experience. The lounge creates the perfect environment for guests wanting to continue their evening out by enjoying an after-dinner cocktail before entering the nightclub or staying and socializing in this luxurious lounge.

Framed by its traditionally drawn marble paneling and signature Hakkasan lattice work, the space provides a more relaxed atmosphere complete with open lounge seating, 11 VIP booths, top-notch mixology, and a custom DJ booth.


The first nightlife elements are unveiled with The Studio, a 10,000-square-foot experience located on the third level of the nightlife mecca. Located steps above the main dining room, The Studio Club is adorned in soothing blue hues combined with a stunning custom LED media ribbon that wraps the perimeter of the ceiling creating an electrifying and breathtaking space. The club exudes a modern flow enhanced with 24 private seating areas sprawled across the room, a custom DJ Booth and two bars of illuminated blue glass and steel which all add to The Studio’s sense of style and edge.


On the fourth level lies the main nightclub featuring the latest in nightclub technology and production, allowing groups to create their own custom show, offering a truly customizable guest experience. Within the main nightclub, oversized VIP booths surround the dance floor, offering a high-energy experience for guests who wish to be at the center of the action. Positioned at the forefront of the dance floor is the DJ area, designed with its celebrated artists in mind. The space is complete with a custom DJ booth and a suspended artist’s live performance stage, all enveloped with floor-to-ceiling LED screens. The newest feature, The Hakkasan Grid, is located on this level.

A prominent stairway invites guests up to the Mezzanine level elevated above the main nightclub on the fifth level. This setting provides an area for guests who desire a more semi-private, VIP environment while still having access to the energy of the dance floor. The Mezzanine also contains four VIP Sky Booths featuring their own customizable screens, coolers, sound control, and mixology supplies creating a private viewing gallery over the entire venue.


Adjacent to the main nightclub is the Pavilion, a nightlife experience with an outdoor feel featuring an oriental garden, classic to its Chinoiserie design. The Pavilion features lush greenery and a stunning two-story water feature, offering a year-round experience in an enclosed structure, created through the use of organic elements.

The Pavilion is designed to operate as an extension of the main room on major nights, with hidden doors used to convert it into a stand-alone venue complete with its own DJ booth, LED screens and full service bar.

Surrounded by lush foliage and connected to the mezzanine by a stairway and viewing balcony, the Pavilion completes what is certain to be the city’s most unique and engaging destination.