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JEWEL Nightclub is the unprecedented convergence of sight and sound with more than 1,400 square feet of LED ribbons, five themed VIP suites and two levels of unparalleled nightlife experience – culminating in the rarest of Vegas scenes. With an atmosphere that is at once immersive and intimate, JEWEL couples state-of-the-art sound with the lighting and video capabilities designed by the same production teams who have created experiences for Lady Gaga, U2, David Bowie and more. With 24,000 square feet of eye-popping space, JEWEL Nightclub is the perfect place for private events between 200 – 1,950 guests.

Private Events

In the main club, over 1,400 square feet of distinctive LED ribbons will crown the action as JEWEL’s circular dome ceiling will pulse with rhythm forming the centerpiece encompassing the intimate space. Artfully tiered and surrounding the dance floor, oversized wood and granite VIP banquettes, quilted in rich burgundy leather upholstery, will provide a luxurious haven for the ultimate party experience, highlighting sweeping views of the space.

The Grand Staircase

A commanding staircase bathed in LED screens displaying a multitude of abstract and themed images will lead guests to the mezzanine level, morphing both architectural and technological designs to deliver an unexpected view of the dance floor below for both VIPs and guests alike. Customizable for your perfect event.

State of the Art Technology

The DJ booth at JEWEL will boast a first-of-its kind production wall adorned with dual-sided LED video screens and state-of-the-art effects lighting, allowing for 360-degree movement while the mesmerizing wall of light shape shifts and shines, synchronizing the experience and culminating with a feast for the senses. This seamless integration of technology and handcrafted detail will lead guests on a luxurious, unexpected journey through sight and sound offering an experience that is as precious as it is rare.

Skybox Suites

Each skybox suite thoughtfully positioned to deliver extensive views of the action below, will feature exclusive entrances for VIP guests. 5 distinct themed experiences to choose from: The Bling Tiger, a modern-day take on a seductive speakeasy. The Studio, a suite with velvet-lined walls, will feature vintage album covers along with an artist commissioned mural. The G.O.A.T., also known as Greatest of All Time, set against rustic brick, and The Gallery will display tightly curated walls of fine art photography alongside leather seating in a deep wine hue. The Prestige, will be a plush jewel box-inspired space with champagne-hued tufted walls and seating with the ultimate atmospheric sparkle beneath a polished, brass beaded chandelier.