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OMNIA is more than a place to hold an event. It is a way to embark on a journey. With 75,000 square feet and multiple rooms, OMNIA is where iconic opulence converges with future-forward technology for a space that entices guests, captures the imagination, and immerses attendees in an unrivaled experience of sight, sound, and sensation.

“OMNIA” means “everything” – and true to that name, it is all you want it to be. Its technology allows for unprecedented opportunities for complete customization throughout the venue, which enables you to create a seamless guest experience where your brand is always the focal point, never an afterthought.

At the heart of the experience is the luxury-defining main club, draped in glamorous decor and high-end finishes. This experience features a vast array of LED surfaces programmable to your event, a mezzanine of VIP areas, three bars, and a kinetic LED chandelier that is like a living futuristic art and design piece – an incredible CenterPoint in an unforgettable environment. The space has been created to accommodate an incredible array of entertainment, whether it is a world-class DJ, a live band performance, or a production show.

The journey continues with the Heart of OMNIA, an ultra lounge experience, a more private escape to luxury where state-of-the-art LED panels converge with rich, classical design elements. And since OMNIA cannot be contained, guests can also discover the outdoor Terrace, that juxtaposes the timeless elegance of Versailles with the adrenaline of the famed Las Vegas Strip.



OMNIA begins with your arrival at a trio of pods, curved and enrobed in black American walnut. Each pod features an intricately carved door, towering f rom floor to ceiling, along with tall LED panels incorporated into the carved facade. Here a silent statement is made: the convergence of classic and modern, each comfortable at play with the other.

omnia Entrance fascade
omnia entranceway


OMNIA’s entranceway is a prelude in every sense of the word. A flirt before seduction, it teases the experience to come. Draped in rich purple upholstery, antique brass and mirrors punctuate the space along with dynamic LEDs featuring custom content. Guests approach richly lacquered ticketing areas, resplendent in purples and golds. For the VIPs, a secluded rotunda is found in an intimate, secluded portion of the space. Guests step into a passageway of polished stone and glass, where a series of LED portals embedded in the floor, walls and ceiling sets the night’s precedent: a place where technology is at home with luxury, and where design does more than intrigue – it transports your entire being.


OMNIA’s main club & balcony is where the story reaches its peak: multiple layers, an expansive dance floor for fellow revelers, antique mirrors, seats of rich leather – all underneath a gigantic kinetic LED chandelier that ascends, descends, morphs and transforms to the beat of the night. A full lighting system is the lifeblood of the room, creating astounding moments of pulse and flow that highlight every second of the experience. A VIP balcony space provides a revelry point of unprecedented technological wonder. The space also features three bars, including a dedicated bar for VIPs on the balcony, all under a soaringly dramatic operatic dome.

• 1,400 Patrons

OMNIA Main Room
Heart of OMNIA Las Vegas


Slipping into the Heart of Omnia is like discovering your detour is a destination in and of itself. Guests find themselves ensconced amid antique brass, mirror panels, embossed vinyl, and rich draping velvets – with tech-forward LED panels integrated throughout for an ever-evolving scene. Here the DJ spins inside an LED panel – the perfect interplay of sight with sound.

• 400 Patrons



This is where the journey takes you skyward. At the center of one of the world’s most famous streets, overlooking the action of the famed Las Vegas Strip, the outdoor terrace at OMNIA transports guests to the splendor of an outdoor escape with a splash of technological marvel. Open air commingles with modern luxury, with inset lighting in glass floor tiles pulsing to the beat emanating f rom the LED-laced DJ booth. This is a perfect setting to unwind after a long day of meetings and tradeshows and socialize with old f riends & colleagues, where private tables and cabanas beckon, and where there is, quite literally, no ceiling to the luxury.

• 700 patrons


OMNIA Las Vegas Terrace
OMNIA Chandelier


The centerpiece of the OMNIA journey is the expansive kinetic chandelier in the main club. This artistic and technological marvel comprises eight circular LED rings with 180 LED crystals for a total of 32,000 individual points of light. Completely programmable by the night’s DJ artist for fully customizable experiential impact and capable of a staggering range of movement, the chandelier boasts more than four stories of vertical motion, descending from the dramatic domed ceiling of the club to thirty feet over the dance floor. Each ring rotates, shifts, and circumscribes the others to create an ever-changing experience that is as unforgettable as it is transformative. The chandelier is the work of Tait Towers, a global leader in scenic design, LED integration, show control and automated rigging whose resume includes live show experiences for Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Pink and more.



The striking aesthetic of OMNIA – and the incredible experience it creates – is thanks to the inspired minds of The Rockwell Group in tandem with Tao Group Hospitality. With off ices in New York, Madrid and Shanghai, Rockwell focuses on creating a narrative for each unique space, and then telling the story through inventive design solutions. Crafting a unique and individual narrative concept for each project is fundamental to Rockwell Group’s successful design approach. From the big picture to the last detail, the story informs and drives the design. A hallmark of the Rockwell Group’s approach is the seamless integration of technology and handcrafted detail, a synergy that lives and breathes throughout every unique facet of OMNIA.

Omnia Chandelier
OMNIA Las Vegas


OMNIA began with a vision to create a convergence of sight and sound never before experienced in the club environment. Who better to bring that to life than the mind behind lighting and sound effects for Lady Gaga, U2, R.E.M, David Bowie and more. Williams integrated more than 4,500 square feet of LED lighting throughout OMNIA – including flexible LED – threaded seamlessly into the environment in a way that makes high tech seem like the most natural companion to classic design.



L’ACOUSTICS From premier artists like Justin Timberlake and The Rolling Stones to global entertainment experiences such as the Hollywood Bowl, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival and the Guangzhou Opera House in China, today’s top entertainers look to L’Acoustics to envision and engineer their audio technology. Tapping into the talent of the company’s international team, OMNIA commissioned the ARCSII, a system that is in use at only a select number of venues throughout the world. The result is a signature sound with unparalleled quality.

Arial Performers at OMNIA

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