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Step into the fantastic world of Marquee, a vast playground where you are the owner of your adventure.  Features and performers come to life throughout the night, and each night is different from the one before.  Colorful scenes and flashing lights delight the senses, and every step off the beaten path is a unique world unto itself, waiting to be discovered.


Luxurious seating surrounds the center ring, the ideal spot for viewing all the attractions. Dancers are immersed under a canopy of moving lights that highlight the featured DJ back wall. Tucked away to the sides are two lavishly decorated bars as well as the base of the three-storey ‘Sunny Slide Up’.

  • Overall Square Meters: 891 Sqm
  • Seated Capacity: 213 People
  • Ceiling Height: 30m


  • 383 sqm dance floor
  • 40 sqm DJ booth with a digital 20m LED backdrop
  • Two full-service bars featuring premium mixology
  • VIP Lounge seating with a central grandstand
  • Four disco balls ranging from 4m to 7m in diameter, undulating above dance floor
  • 20 top-of-the-line laser lights for laser show
  • Two mobile photo/GIF booths
  • Attachable live band stage which connects to DJ booth


Entering through the Hall of Mirrors, patrons are immediately transported into a whimsical and mysterious world.

Various worlds within are activated by integrated technology urging viewers to explore this multi-level nightclub. Most notably, the full scale ferris wheel that allows patrons to experience a trance-like journey around the club.

  • Overall Square Meters: 1,162 Sqm
  • Overall Seated Capacity: 31 People


  • 14m tall ‘The Big Q’ Ferris Wheel with eight gondolas, each equipped with a photo/GIF booth
  • Marquee retail store
  • VIP balconies overlooking the dance floor
  • 90+ meters of LED Panels that wrap the mezzanine
  • 7m ‘Sunny Slide Up’ with two side-by-side tubes measuring 10m in length, lined with LED lights inside and outside of each slide


Elevated high above the dance floor, the twilight smoking lounge has a laid-back atmosphere where one can still be part of the energy while adorned in moonlight and carnival ligARQUEE hts. Patrons can venture back down to the dance floor by either taking a journey around ‘The Big Q’ ferris wheel or racing down ‘Sunny Slide Up’.

  • Overall Square Meters: 265 Sqm
  • Smoking Lounge Capacity: 40 People


  • Entrance to 7m ‘Sunny Slide Up’ and 14m ‘The Big Q’ Ferris Wheel
  • One full-service bar featuring premium mixology
  • Fully enclosed smoking lounge
  • Video Jockey booth extended out over the dance floor

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