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Ling Ling, a destination dining Asian infusion restaurant brings together taste, sight and sound. The essence of Ling Ling reinterprets Japan’s bustling Izakaya scene that pairs craft spirits with small plates and balances it with Cantonese and other cultures’ cuisine. Ling Ling takes its patrons from the day, into the evening, and then from there, into the late night for those who dare.

The cuisine embraces small plates designed for sharing that bring an enlightening to the party atmosphere. An eclectic soundtrack of electronic and pop music completes the social experience that is designed to evolve throughout the night, taking its guests from dining to eating to drinking to dancing.

Sushi Roll


Our guests are always open to new experiences and emotions. They have a taste for the unexpected and are on the lookout for adventure when they pass through the front door.

Ling Ling’s guests feel at home in environments where interactions are made easy. Their energy comes from connections with other discerning, creative and open-minded people.

Ling Ling creates a sense of being part of something bigger; part of a wider cultural movement or conversation – a group of people with something to say.

Chefs cooking with woks


Ling Ling is modern decadent style; from its magical arrival that transports you to another world, to the ‘zones’ that provide your own personal space while still being a part of the bigger picture.

Ling Ling’s guests are looking for the new and exciting, the ‘what-hasn’t-happened-yet’ experience. Ling Ling is a culturally rich, multi-sensory, dining and late-night party experience. Come for evenings to be remembered, and late nights to be sometimes forgotten.

Listen to that inner voice — the devil on the shoulder or your own voice-of-reason. Do what you please. Break a rule or two. Arrive early, leave late.

We’ll see you in Ling Ling.
Ling Ling Dubai Staircase


Immerse yourself in the Sounds of Ling Ling with a quarterly playlist of songs that capture the musical essence of Ling Ling locations around the world.

Listen to the latest mix here

Entrance with hostesses

Ling Ling is that voice inside your head, that taunts you to be unpredictable, to do things that are exhilarating and adventurous. To live life the way it is meant to be lived; on the edge, one day (or night) at a time.